Escentia Products

Escentia Products

We stock Escentia’s essential oils, carrier oils and auxiliaries.

Their vast range of products will gratify many requirements when it comes to your welfare.

Their extensive range of essential oils is evolving and developing all the time. They have categorised these special liquid naturals according to grade. Whether you’re looking for a conventional or organic essential oil, various option are obtainable. Your choice of either pure or standardised essential oils gives you the ability to pick a grade to suit your need.

Their carrier oil range is also ever growing and offers some special local types as well as some old time favourites.

For the therapist, they have numerous aromatherapy auxiliaries from which to choose from. Products and raw materials to use in your treatments are plentiful.

May you delight in perusing Escentia’s diverse scope of products and all related content on your journey to well-being.

Please WhatsApp Karen at 083 296 6310 or send an e-mail to for the full product and pricelist, or for quotations and orders.


Escentia 2022
Essencial Oils 5ml 10ml
Agarwood Essential Oil R670 R1 221
Angelica Essential Oil R201 R367
Aniseed Essential Oil R62
Arnica Infusion R45
Basil Essential Oil R75
Bay Leaf Essential Oil R105
Benzoin R57
Bergamot Essential Oil R176
Bergamot Standard Oil
Bergamot Organic Essential Oil R189
Black Pepper Essential Oil R87
Buchu Essential Oil R301 R533
Cajeput Essential Oil R68
Cajeput Standard Oil
Cajeput Standard Oil ON SPECIAL
Calamus Essential Oil R191 R316
Capsicum Oleoresin – 6% R46
Camomile Blue Standard Oil R135
Camomile Cape Essential Oil R595
Camomile German Essential Oil R734 R1 266
Camomile Roman Essential Oil R838
Camomile Roman Standard Oil R212
Camphor Essential Oil R43
Cape May Essential Oil R294
Cape Snowbush Essential Oil R294
Caraway Essential Oil R50
Cardamon Essential Oil R217
Carotenes Infused in Sunflower Oil R36
Carrot Seed Essential Oil R205
Cassia Essential Oil R66
Cassia Standard Oil
Catnip Essential Oil R526
Cedarwood (virginiana) Essential Oil R61
Celery Seed Essential Oil R173
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil R102
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil R45
Citronella Essential Oil R37
Citronella Standard Oil
Citronella Organic Essential Oil R43
Clary Sage Essential Oil R150
Clary Sage Standard Oil
Clementine Essential Oil R43
Clove Bud Essential Oil R78
Clove Bud Standard Oil
Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil R121
Copaiba (Balsam Copaiba) R112
Coriander Essential Oil R93
Coriander Standard Oil
Coriander Standard Oil ON SPECIAL
Cumin Essential Oil R43
Cypress Essential Oil R86
Dill Essential Oil R39
Elemi Essential Oil R141
Eucalyptus (Globulus) Essential Oil R36
Eucalyptus (Smithii) Essential Oil R29
Eucalyptus (Smithii) Organic Essential Oil R32
Eucalyptus Lemon (Citriodora) Essential Oil R41
Eucalyptus (Radiata) Essential Oil R52
Eucalyptus Peppermint (Dives) Essential Oil R39
Fennel (Sweet) Essential Oil R66
Frankincense (Carterii) Essential Oil R230 R392
Frankincense (Serrata) Essential Oil R114
Galbanum Essential Oil R324 R570
Garlic Essential Oil R84
Geranium Essential Oil R143
Geranium Standard Oil
Geranium Organic Essential Oil R176
Ginger Essential Oil R128
Ginger Standard Oil
Grapefruit Pink/Ruby Essential Oil R59
Grapefruit White Essential Oil R84
Grapefruit Organic Essential Oil R137
Helichrysum (African) Essential Oil R166
Hyssop Essential Oil R162 R271
Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil R811 R1 353
Jasmine Standard Blend (in Jojoba) R111
Juniperberry Essential Oil R107
Lavender Essential Oil R87
Lavender Standard Oil
Lavender Organic Essential Oil R94
Lavandin Essential Oil R53
Lemon Essential Oil R41
Lemon Organic Essential Oil R46
Lemongrass Essential Oil R46
Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil R52
Lemon Verbena Standard R57
Lime Essential Oil R59
Lippia Javanica (Zinziba) Essential Oil R109
Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) Essential Oil R48
Mandarin [see naartjie] Essential Oil R52
Marjoram Essential Oil R152
Melissa Standard Oil R57
Myrrh Wildii (Southern Africa) Essential Oil R244
Myrrh Myrrha Essential Oil R194 R355
Myrtle Essential Oil R289 R481
Naartjie Essential Oil R48
Neroli Standard Oil R100
Niaouli Essential Oil R41
Nutmeg Essential Oil R62
Orange Bitter (Bigarade) Essential Oil R53
Orange Sweet Essential Oil R30
Orange Sweet Organic Essential Oil R34
Origanum Essential Oil R111
Palmarosa Essential Oil R71
Parsley Seed Essential Oil R180
Patchouli Essential Oil R103
Peppermint Essential Oil R55
Peppermint Standard Oil
Peppermint Organic Essential Oil R68
Petitgrain Essential Oil R87
Pimento (Allspice) Essential Oil R45
Pine Needle (Fir) Essential Oil R111
Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil R53
Ravensara Aromatica Essential Oil R241
Ravintsara Essential Oil R82
Rock Rose (Labdanum) Essential Oil R125
Rooibos Extract in Glycol
Rose Synthesis Standard Oil R59
Rose Standard Natural R162
Rose Absolute Essential Oil R1 563 R2 843
Rose Otto Essential Oil R952 R1 586
Rosemary Essential Oil R62
Rosemary Standard Oil
Rosemary Organic Essential Oil R96
Rosewood Standard Oil R50
Sage Essential Oil R123
Sandalwood (West Indian) (Amyris) Essential Oil R155
Spearmint Essential Oil R70
Spearmint Standard Oil
Spikenard Essential Oil R426 R711
Tagetes (Khaki) Essential Oil R96
Tangerine [see naartjie] Essential Oil R48
Tea Tree Essential Oil R45
Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil R61
Tea Tree, Lemon (L. Petersonii) Essential Oil R80
Thyme (Red) Essential Oil R70
Thyme (Red) Standard Oil
Thyme (Red) Standard Oil ON SPECIAL
Turmeric R98
Valerian Essential Oil R209 R373
Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil R567
Vanilla Synthesis Standard Oil R37
Vetiver Essential Oil R221
Vitamin E (Natural) R109
Wintergreen Essential Oil R134
Wintergreen Standard Oil
Yarrow Essential Oil R152 R257
Ylang-Ylang (iii) Essential Oil R137
Ylang-Ylang Standard Oil
Ylang-Ylang Complete Essential Oil R144
Ylang-Ylang Organic Essential Oil R175


Almond Sweet Refined

Aloe Ferox Infused in Grapeseed Oil

Apricot Kernel Refined

Argan Refined

Avocado Refined

Baobab Cold Pressed

Black Seed (Kalonji) Cold Pressed

Borage Refined

Calendula Infused in Grapeseed Seed Oil

Castor Refined

Castor, Black

Coconut Refined

Coconut Extra Virgin Cold Pressed

Fractionated coconut/palm oil (caprylic/capric triglyceride/mct)

Comfrey Infused

Evening Primrose Refined

Flax Seed Cold Pressed

Grapeseed Cold Pressed

Hazelnut Refined

500ml   Hazelnut Refined

1 litre    Hazelnut Refined

100ml   Hemp Seed Cold Pressed

Jojoba Cold Pressed

Jojoba Organic Cold Pressed

Macadamia Nut Cold Pressed

Marula Cold Pressed

Moringa Kernel Cold Pressed

Neem Oil

Olive Oil Extra Virgin Cold Pressed

Palm Kernel Refined (Sustainably Sourced)

Peach Kernel – See Apricot Oil

Peanut (Arachis) Refined

Pumpkin Seed Cold Pressed

Rosehip Cold Pressed

Safflower Refined

Sesame Seed Refined

St John’s Wort Infused in Sunflower Seed

Soybean Cold Pressed

Sunflower Seed Cold Pressed

Tamanu (Foraha) Cold Pressed

Walnut Cold Pressed

Wheatgerm Refined


Neutral Hand & Body Lotion Base

Neutral Cream (NATURAL) Base

Neutral Gel Base

Neut. Shampoo Base (parab. free)

Shampoo NATURAL (parab,sulph,salt free)

Neut. Conditioner Base (parab. free)

Conditioner NATURAL (parab,sulph,salt free)

Neut. Shower Gel Base (parab. free)

Face Wash NATURAL (parab,sulph,salt free)

Glycerine, Vegetable

Castile Soap (Liquid)

Avocado Butter, hydrogenated – Refined

1 ltr       Avocado Butter, hydrogenated – Refined

Mango Butter – Refined

Shea Butter – Refined

Shea Butter – UNrefined

Cocoa Butter – Refined

Cocoa Butter – UNrefined

Beeswax standard (pellets)

Beeswax natural (pellets)

400g     Beeswax raw (solid)

Kigelia Cream

Comfrey Ointment

Orange Blossom Water (cont. alcohol)

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis water) non-alc

Rose Water non-alc

Catnip Hydrosol non-alc

Geranium Hydrosol non-alc

Frankincense Hydrosol non-alc

Ti-Tree Hydrosol non-alc

Perfume Base

Aromatherapy Hand Book

Aromatherapy Chart – Laminated

Aromatherapy Chart – Unlaminated

Colloidal Silver

Green Clay – Bentonite (African)

White Clay – Kaolin

Zinc Oxide Powder

salt – himalayan (fine)

salt – himalayan (course)

salt – namibian (medium)

Apricot Kernels, Fine Ground (Scrub)

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Alpine Herbs

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Beachmist

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Bergamot

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Blueberry

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Carnation

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Cinnamon

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Citronella

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Citrus Fresh

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Coconut

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Coffee

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Cucumber

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Cuddly

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Dreamtime

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Eucalyptus

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Fantasy

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Floral Bouquet

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Forest Fresh

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Frangipani

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Fresh Pine

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Fruit Cocktail

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Gardenia

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Green Apple

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Honey

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Honeysuckle

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Jasmin Flowers

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lavender

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lemon

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lemongrass

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lilac

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lily of the Valley

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lotus

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Magnolia

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Morning Dew

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Musk

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Narcissus

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Neroli

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Opus

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Orange ‘n Spice

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Patchouli

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Peach Blossom

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Peppermint

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Pot Pourri

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Powder Fresh

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Rosebud

1Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Rose Geranium

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Sandalwood

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Sea Breeze

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Spicy

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Strawberry

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Summer Blossom

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Sweet Pea

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Tea Rose

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Tulip

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Vanilla

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Violet

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Waterlily

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Wild Cherry

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Wild Rose

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Ylang-Ylang

100g bar            Soap, Luxury Handmade (Autumn Breeze)-Lime,Sage,Lavandin

100g bar            Soap, Luxury Handmade (Chai Spice)-Cinnamon Leaf,Ginger,Cassia,Nutmeg,Vanilla

100g bar            Soap, Luxury Handmade (Citrus Souffle)-Orange Sweet,Mandarin,Grapefruit,Lime

100g bar            Soap, Luxury Handmade (Detox Bar)-Spearmint,Clary Sage,Rosemary

100g bar            Soap, Luxury Handmade (Earth Rose)-Cedarwood,Patchouli,Rose

100g bar            Soap, Luxury Handmade (Jungle Fruit)-Pomegranate,Neroli,Lemongrass

100g bar            Soap, Luxury Handmade (SHAMPOO BAR)-Peppermint,Bergamot,Ti-tree

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free)-Avo & Cucumber

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Bergamot

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Citronella

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Geranium

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Lavender

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Lemongrass

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Neroli

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Rooibos & Hon

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Rose

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Sandalwood

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Ti-Tree

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Tranquil Ocean

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Ylang – Ylang

110g bar            Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Fragrance Free

1 kg      Glycerine Soap Bar (clear,unfragranced)

African Black Soap (Flakes)

Stand alone       Candle – Bali (Olive Green)

Stand alone       Candle – Citronella (White)

Stand alone       Candle – Geranium (Pink)

Stand alone       Candle – Jasmine (Violet)

Stand alone       Candle – Lavender (Purple)

Stand alone       Candle – Lemongrass (Yellow)

Stand alone       Candle – Neroli (Orange)

Stand alone       Candle – Orange ‘n Spice (Burnt Orange)

Stand alone       Candle – Rose (Red)

Stand alone       Candle – Sandalwood (Light Brown)

Stand alone       Candle – Vanilla (Cream)

Stand alone       Candle – Ylang-Ylang (Blue)

Stand alone       Candle – CHAKRA (Large)

Stand alone       Candle – CHAKRA (Baby)

55ml     Massage Candle – (Geranium)

250ml   Massage Candle – (Geranium)

55ml     Massage Candle – (Lavender)

250ml   Massage Candle – (Lavender)

55ml     Massage Candle – (Lemongrass)

250ml   Massage Candle – (Lemongrass)

55ml     Massage Candle – (Rose)

250ml   Massage Candle – (Rose)

55ml     Massage Candle – (Vanilla)

250ml   Massage Candle – (Vanilla)

55ml     Massage Candle – (Ylang-Ylang)

250ml   Massage Candle – (Ylang-Ylang)

Foot Fizz Balls(Pack of 10-euc/pepp/titree)

Burner (Ti-lite) – Terracotta

Burner (Ti-lite) – Stoneware

Burner (Electric) – White

Ti-Lite Candles (Pack of 10)

Crystals (For use in burner)