Herbal Treatment for Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit (ADHD)

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When you want to start any treatment with herbs, it is important to know what Herbalism is.


Herbalism makes use of natural healing qualities of whole plants (herbs) in order to treat a range of illnesses. There are several advantages when using the whole plant: Imbalances created within the body are less than with conventional medicine; the likelihood of side effects is reduced, and all the active ingredients within the herb act together, thereby increasing the benefits.

Herbalism is a holistic approach to healing, enhanced by a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

When we specifically look at herbal treatment for hyperactivity/attention deficit, there are many herbs that might be helpful.


Ginkgo has a remarkable effect on brain function & circulation. There is no other known circulation enhancer, natural or synthetic, which can improve blood flow not only to healthy areas of the brain but also to areas already damaged by disease. Specific actions include improvement of microcirculation, improvement of blood and oxygen supply to the brain, arms & limbs, as well as protection of cells against free radicals. Ginkgo is a powerful anti-oxidant, increasing memory & concentration.

Gotu Kola is also called the brainpower herb. It is an excellent herb that boosts memory & concentration. It is rich in Vitamins & minerals, especially Vit B & C. It is a tonic herb, therefore improving and enhancing all body functions, specifically the nervous system. It is an excellent herb for stress, depression & anxiety.

Sage is a nervous system tonic, and therefore strengthens and improves the nervous system. It has calming properties, very important circulation benefits & positive effects on concentration & memory.

Rosemary strengthens & enhances nervous system activity. It helps to strengthen memory & concentration, by increasing blood & oxygen flow to the brain. It is also an excellent herb for treatment of long-term stress & depression.

Lemon Balm increases brain function and memory. It has calming properties and is an excellent herb for kids. It eases anxiety & stress, decreases thyroid function and calms hyperactive children.

Catnip brings restlessness under control, treats sleep disturbances, as well as bed-wetting.

Lavender has excellent calming & soothing properties. It will settle irritability, and when taken before bedtime, will aid sleep. It is a natural anti-depressant.

Chamomile is a soothing, calming & healing herb. It settles a restless mind. With natural aspirin, it can also be taken for chronic pain.

Remember, Herbalism is not a magic cure.


It is very important to note that herbs do not provide a magic cure, but a lifestyle, enhanced by healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle and low levels of stress. It is advised to use herbs in combination, internally, as well as externally, for best results. It is recommended to consult with a herbalist, before starting treatment. It is important to know specifically what dosages and in what combination.

And also remember, Herbalism is a holistic approach.


Reduce stress, eat healthily, live active & drink lots of water!


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