Herbal Potion Lab

The most unexpected & unimaginably effective herbal potions formulated by Herbal Potion Lab for distribution by Herbs for Health.


My mission is to establish and supply a range of products that is completely natural, by only using herbs and spices in different forms.
I want to again prove to the world that plants have been given to us for wonderful healing purposes, and can be used in various ways and applications.
It is my firm belief that there is no need to test potions on animals whatsoever, as no harm can come from the knowledgeable use of herbs.
Herbs are the most natural enhancement for beauty and healing.


Herbal Potion Lab is a vision and a dream come true for Herbs for Health. It started off as a spur of the moment thought to put years of knowledge together and to establish something beautiful and as natural as possible, not only for enjoyment but also as remedies to ailments and issues, where modern medicine & beauty industries fail to successfully provide.
My belief in the potent healing properties of herbs, my experience in applying alternative health techniques for many years and my love for all living beings, made this range of completely natural health and beauty products, possible.

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