Burdock Tincture


50ml Burdock Tincture


Useful chronic skin & arthritic conditions

Mild diuretic action

Treatment for gout


Traditional remedy for gout & kidney stones

Anti-fungal & Anti-septic

Treats athlete’s foot & ringworm



• Alterative – Can gently improve the condition of the body

• Diuretic – Encourages flow of urine by stimulation of the kidneys

• Diaphoretic – Encourages sweating


• One of the best blood purifiers

• Helpful in all skin diseases, especially eczema, taken alone or combined with Yellow Dock & Nettle

• Anti-scorbutic properties of roots– Contains vitamins & can be useful for scurvy, boils & rheumatic affections

• Demulcent Nature – provides relieve to damaged internal tissue

• External use as wash for ulcers & scaly skin

• Imparts strength & tone to the stomach, for some forms of long-standing indigestion

• Externally as poultice – leaves are highly resolvent for tumors & gouty swellings; relieves bruises & inflamed surfaces

• Benefit in chronic skin diseases

• Specific for all affections of the kidneys



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