Echinacea Tincture


50ml Echinacea Tincture (Root)

Stimulates immune system

Mild antibiotic action

Treats coughs, colds, flu & upper respiratory conditions

Treats urinary tract infections

All minor infections

First choice for colds, flu & sinus, especially when combined with Thyme & Elder Flowers.

Also works well in combination with:

* Sage, Rosemary & Myrrh for Tonsillitis & Laryngitis

* Thyme, Sage * Liquorice Root for Bronchitis & Coughing

* Nettle & Elder Flower for allergies

* Thyme, Elder Flowers, Lemon Balm & Wormwood for Earache due to phlegm




• Anti-microbial – Pesters micro-organisms that have invaded the body

• Immunomodulator

• Anti-catarrhal – Reduces catarrh & mucus production

• Alterative – Gently improves the condition of the body

• Exceptionally anti-inflammatory

• Natural antibiotic

• Detoxifying

• Anti-allergenic


• Helps body rid itself of microbial infections

• Treats allergies & Asthma

• Treats fungal infections & rabies

• Useful for sore throats, mouth ulcers, pneumonia, bronchitis, streaming nose & sinusitis

• Useful for fever blisters

• Effective against bacterial & viral attacks & may be used in conditions of boils & Septicemia

• In conjunction with other herbs – used for any infection anywhere in the body, ex: With Yarrow / Bearberry it will effectively stop cystitis

• Colds, coughs and flu & other upper respiratory conditions, such as laryngitis, tonsillitis & catarrhal conditions

• Enlarged lymph glands & sore throat

• Urinary tract infections

• Other minor infections

• May help combat herpes, candida & bronchitis

• External – wounds, skin regeneration & skin infections

• External – Psoriasis, eczema & inflammatory skin conditions

• Tincture or decoction – used as mouthwash for pyorrhea & gingivitis

Stimulates overall activity of cells responsible for fighting all kinds of infections

Makes our own immune cells more effective in attacking bacteria, viruses & abnormal cells, including cancer cells

Increases the activity & number of the immune system cells so that they can more quickly eliminate invading organisms & foreign particles

Stimulates production of Interferon, as well as “Tumor Necrosis Factor”, which is important to the body’s response against cancer

It kills yeast & slows or stops growth of bacteria & helps to stimulate growth of new tissue and combats inflammation – perfect for treating wounds

Mild antibiotic action – bacteriostatic, anti-viral & ant-fungal

Inhibits the bacterial enzyme hyaluronidase – help prevent bacterial access to healthy cells

Reduction in inflammation among arthritis sufferers

Non-toxic loses effectiveness with long-term use – max. 6-8weeks

Not used in progressive systemic & auto immune disorders – TB, leucosis, etc



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