Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Organic)


10ml Organic Eucalyptus Oil (RSA)


This oil has wonderful uses, as follows:

  • A few drops in warm water has a soothing and revitalizing effect on tired and swollen feet
  • A few drops added to the hot coals of a sauna will clear the sinuses and is invigorating
  • Three to five drops in a full bath of warm water will offer full use of its anti-fungal and anti-septic properties
  • Five to seven drops in a burner of humidifier will clear stuffy air, control dust mites and clear up nasal passagesĀ or back and muscle aches including arthritis and rheumatism, dilute the oil into a carrier and massage gently into the effected area
  • Is a useful deodorizer for musty areas and smoking zones
  • It can be added to the rinse water instead of fabric softener, having mild stain removing properties, and will leave clothing smelling fresh and fragrant
  • All contact with epithelial areas should be avoided. Note this oil is flammable, and is toxic if ingested


* Antiseptic


* bactericidal

* fungicidal

* decongestant

* expectorant

* mood balancing

* antispasmodic

* analgesic

* anti-rheumatic

* anti-neuralgic

* deodorant

* insecticidal

Combines well with Rosemary & Tea Tree Essential Oil especially for a Immune Boosting Bath during Winter months


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