Peppermint Tincture


50ml Peppermint Tincture

Relieves wind, flatulence, bloating & colic

Soothes irritable bowel

Helps with diarrhea

Relieves spastic colon

Helps to ease headaches & migraine

Reduces nausea

Helpful in travel sickness

Regulates body temperature



• Carminative – Aids the expulsion of gas from the stomach & prevents development thereof in the first place

• Anti-inflammatory

• Anti-spasmodic – Relaxes the nerves & reduces muscular contraction

• Aromatic

• Diaphoretic – Encourages sweating

• Anti-emetic – Prevents vomiting

• Nervine – Has calming effect on nerves, relaxing anxiety

• Anti-microbial – Pesters micro-organisms that have invaded the body or skin

• Analgesic – Helps to relieve or reduce pain

• Stimulant – Increases energy

• Stomachic – Treats stomach disorders


• Helps with nausea – Oil is mild anesthetic to stomach wall, allying feelings of nausea & desire to vomit

• Relieves nausea & vomiting of pregnancy & travel sickness

• Good for dyspepsia & flatulence

• Helps with diarrhea, indigestion, & constipation; gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, cramps, colic, etc.

• Used for palpitations of the heart

• Useful in cholera

• Excellent carminative – Relaxing effect on the muscles of the digestive system; Combats flatulence; Stimulates bile & digestive juice flow

• Used in ulcerated conditions of the bowels

• Traditional treatment for colds, cough & influenza

• Treats bacteria, fungal & viral infections

• Inhalant – Temporary relieve of nasal catarrh

• Diluted on chest for respiratory discomfort

• Eases anxiety & tension

• Painful periods – Relieves the pain & eases associated tension

• Externally – Itching & Inflammations

• Topical use – Lessens pain: Alleviates muscle pains & aches

• Used to fight bad breath

• Menthol – Pain in rheumatism, throat affections & toothache, as well as for treatment for cavities in teeth – Acts as local anesthetic, vascular stimulant & disinfectant

• Rats & mice dislike peppermint



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