Rosemary Tincture


50ml Rosemary Tincture

Useful for headaches & migraine

Improves memory & concentration

Useful for flatulent dyspepsia

Eases tired & aching muscles

Encourages hair growth

Treats moderate depression & stress

Restorative tonic

Regulates blood pressure



• Tonic – Improves functions of the body

• Carminative – Aids expulsion of gas from stomach & prevents it from developing in the first place

• Anti-spasmodic – Relaxes the nerves & reduces muscular contraction

• Anti-depressive

• Rubefacient – Makes the skin red & stimulates blood circulation

• Anti-microbial – Pesters micro-organisms that have invaded the body or skin

• Emmenagogue – Promotes greater menstrual discharge

• Stimulant – Increases energy

• Astringent – Produces tissue contraction

• Diaphoretic – Encourages sweating

• Nervine – Has calming effect on the nerves, relaxing anxiety

• Aromatic

• Stomachic – Treats stomach disorders

• Diuretic – Increases flow of urine through stimulation of the kidneys


• Useful for headaches & Migraine (Warm Infusion)

• Improves memory & concentration by stimulating circulation of blood to the head

• Energising tonic

• Toning & calming effect on digestion where psychological tension is present

• Useful for flatulent dyspepsia

• Eases tired & aching muscles, spasms, sciatica & neuralgia

• Encourages hair grow by improving blood flow to the scalp & by stimulating hair follicles– Infusion or oil – Prevents premature baldness

• Restorative tonic – Stimulates adrenal glands & specifically used for debility & those recovering from chronic illness

• Useful for mild to moderate depression & stress – Uplifting herb

• Helps for rheumatism & arthritis

• Compress – Injuries

• Helpful in diabetes, chronic pain & long-term stress

• Blood pressure problems – Incredible ability to regulate high & low blood pressure

• Useful in affections of the heart

• Effects menstrual cycle – Can act as an abortifacient; relieves cramp

• Increases urine flow & reduces kidney pain

• Antioxidant properties – Activity against colon, breast, stomach, lung & skin cancer cells


• Do not take essential oil internally

• Large doses – Can cause vomiting, spasms, coma & pulmonary edema

• Do not take much if pregnant or breastfeeding



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