Sage Tincture


50ml Sage Tincture

Memory enhancer; Lifesaver in coughs, colds, flu & bronchitis; Gargle for sore throats & mouth infections; Treats menopausal symptoms; Useful in Typhoid fever; Treats stomach disorders

Works well in combination with:

* Echinacea, Thyme & Liquorice Root for Coughs & Bronchitis

* Echinacea, Rosemary & Myrrh for sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis & gingivitis



• Tonic – Improves functions of the body

• Carminative – Aids expulsion of gas from stomach & prevents development thereof in first place

• Anti-spasmodic – Relaxes the nerves & reduces muscular contraction

• Anti-microbial – Pesters micro-organisms that enter the body or skin

• Astringent – Produces tissue contraction

• Anti-inflammatory

• Expectorant – Increases lung’s phlegm production, making it easier to cough up

• Aromatic

• Nervine – Calms the nerves, relieving anxiety

• Vermifuge

• Emmenagogue – Promotes greater menstrual discharge

• Diuretic – Increases flow of urine through stimulation of the kidneys

• Stimulant – Increases energy

• Stomachic – Treats stomach disorders

• Antiseptic

• Anti-fungal & Anti-viral


• Good for head colds

• Helps with headaches & painful joints

• Remedy for inflammations of the mouth, throat & tonsils

• Mouth wash for inflamed & bleeding gums (Gingivitis); inflamed tongue (Glossitis) or generalized mouth inflammation (Stomatitis)

• Gargle – Treatment for laryngitis; pharyngitis; tonsillitis & quinsy

• Valuable agent in delirium of fevers

• Useful in nervous excitement accompanying brain & nervous diseases

• Useful medicine in typhoid fever

• Valuable carminative in dyspepsia

• Used to reduce production of breast milk

• Compress – Promotes healing of wounds

• Stimulates the muscles of the uterus –Treatment of irregular menstruation

• Leaves or juice – Treats insect bites, stings & swellings

• Asthma

• Encourages better menstrual flow – Helping with irregular periods & period pain

• High estrogen content: Valuable in Menopause – Reduces hot flashes & helps the body adapt to hormonal changes

• Nerve tonic – Helping to both calm & stimulate the nervous system

• Sage oil – Might have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral effects

• Useful for – Bilious & liver complaints; Kidney troubles; Hemorrhage from lungs or stomach; Colds in the head; Measles; Pains in joints; Lethargy & Palsy

• Externally – Lotion for ulcers & to heal raw abrasions of skin

• Cleansing, whitening & strengthening to the gums

• Helps improve memory, warming & quickening the sense

• Sage compress on forehead– Relieves tension headaches

• Compress on diaphragm / abdominal area – Helps to soothe stomach cramps, flatulence & general intestinal discomfort

• Cold sage compress – Heals cuts, wounds, herpes sores & varicose veins

• Cold tea can arrest diarrhea


• Do not use during pregnancy



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