Slippery Elm Tincture


50ml Slippery Elm Tincture

Treats Acidity, Diarrhea & Gastroenteritis, Colic, Inflammation of the gut, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Diverticulitis, IBS

Urinary problems, such as chronic cystitis

Treats all chest conditions: From coughs & bronchitis to Pleurisy & TB

Nutritious & Soothing: Useful for Convalescence & debilitated states



• Diuretic – Encourages flow of urine by stimulating the kidneys

• Demulcent – Provides relief to damaged internal tissues

• Emollient

• Nutritive – Provides nourishment to the body

• Laxative – Induces bowel movement

• Astringent – Produces tissue contraction

• Anti-inflammatory

• Expectorant – Increases lungs’ phlegm production, making it easier to cough up


• Helpful for sensitive stomachs & intestines

• Relieves acidity, diarrhea, gastroenteritis & irritable bowel syndrome

• Alleviates conditions such as colic, inflammation of the gut, constipation, hemorrhoids & Diverticulitis

• Treatment of gastritis, gastric, duodenal ulcers & enteritis

• Helps with bronchitis & coughs; pleurisy & TB

• Good for ulcers, burns, acne, abscesses, boils & skin diseases (poultice)

• Nutritious & soothing herb – Excellent food in convalesces & debilitated states; Excellent baby food – Strengthening & healing

• Good for colds & fever

• Externally – Herb softens, protects & heals

• Poultice – Draws out splinters

• Generally good for wounds, burns & inflammations – Reduces swelling & pain

• Useful for urinary problems, especially for chronic cystitis

• Also used as enema for constipation

• Very safe

• A must in First Aid Kit



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