What is Medicinal Herbalism & Why do I Love, Prefer & Recommend it?

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What is Medicinal Herbalism & Why do I Love, Prefer & Recommend it?

Medicinal herbalism is the study of the natural healing abilities of plants/herbs and the treatment of different ailments with them. In herbalism, we use the whole plant, or parts thereof, in many different forms.

A very high percentage of conventional medicines are based on properties in plants. The specific active ingredient needed is extracted from the plant, chemically enhanced, and used to treat a specific symptom/condition. The particular active ingredient comes with all its positive and negative properties, causing imbalances within the body. This is why more often than not, patients end up using more and more medication just to counterfeit the negative side-effects of the ones they actually needed for treatment in the first place.

Dealing holistically with plants as systems, all the active ingredients work together to increase benefits, prevent imbalances and to eliminate side-effects. Amazingly one herb can be used to treat many ailments simultaneously, while most conventional medicines treat only one symptom at a time.

Active constituents in plants enhance functions within the body, assisting and enabling the body to heal itself. Herbs nourish, regulate systems and cleanse in a natural way. All herbs are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals which are easily and effectively absorbed. They basically provide the body with the raw material needed to heal itself.

Herbalism encourages a holistic approach to general well-being. The aim is to treat the cause of an illness, rather than only the symptoms. On their own, herbal remedies do not reach their full healing potential when they are not used as part of a well-balanced lifestyle. A well-balanced lifestyle includes restorative sleeping patterns, healthy eating and drinking habits, moderate exercise, sufficient exposure to direct sunlight and fresh air, etc.

Herbal remedies are strong remedies with powerful healing abilities. It is important to realise that, depending on the complaint(s) being treated, most herbal remedies have an immediate effect. Therefore, they are very effective in treating acute, as well as chronic illnesses.

Herbalism is not about propagating a magic cure, but rather about suggesting a way of life in which health, resistance to illness and quality of living, can be improved.


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