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Voordele van vetverbranding:

Verbranding van vet genereer sowat 20 keer meer energie as die verbranding van suiker

Skep opgeruimde gemoed & lewenslus

Help die liggaam om dieper slaap te genereer

Toename in gemoedsrus

Verbeter sametrekking van die vel – gevolglik verjongend

Help die liggaam om van selluliet ontslae te raak

Detoksifisering vind outamaties plaas

Onmiddellike gewigsverlies

Toename in spiermassa

My own philosophy

I could never go on a “proper” diet… I was hungry even in planning to do so!

That is the reason why I would like to share a few principles regarding eating habits that I have found throughout my own life.

Never change eating habits drastically. Rather gradually over time. Drastic changes are a recipe for failure. Try not to deprive your body of too many delicacies all at once.

Do not lose too much weight over a short period of time. You might gain even more weight afterward or you might scar your body with so many stretch marks, that you would not want to wear a bikini after all.

Do not pay too much attention to everything you read concerning whats & whatnots on diets, especially quick-loss diets. Most of what people say and what you read is not necessarily applicable to your own body. People differ.

Always stay on a balanced eating plan. Everything in moderation. Absolutely anything can be bad for your health if taken in excess.

Eat 3 meals per day, with 3 healthy snacks in between. Small portions throughout the day give constant energy and keep the metabolism at an optimum level.

Eating fresh fruit is better than drinking fresh fruit juice. You get all the nutrients and you will feel more satisfied after eating fruit.

If a meal consists of more carbohydrates, combine it with a small amount of protein. If a meal consists of more protein, combine with fewer carbohydrates. For instance: If you are having 2 slices of Low GI Seed Loaf, combine it with a small amount of grated cheddar cheese. If you are having a steak, combine with only a small potato.

Add small amounts of butter and sugar to your vegetables, if you like to. Everything in moderation!

Eat a small tub of plain low fat or fat-free yogurt before bedtime. Add fresh fruit pieces and honey if you like. It will also make you sleep better.

Use herbs to aid in digestion and to increase fat burning. Use Celery, Fennel & Nettle tinctures. Drink Parsley & Basil tea, and especially Green or Oolong tea.

Detox your body regularly. The cleaner the body, the better all other systems work. Milk Thistle is an excellent detoxifying herb to aid in weight loss as well.

Do not constantly deprive your body of certain foods. Treat yourself once in a while. If you eat a slice of carrot cake, do not skip the next meal, but eat something light & healthy. Go home after you have eaten the cake and drink a cup of cooled Oolong tea, and a few drops of Celery, Fennel and Nettle tincture.

If you had a large portion of red meat, drink Nettle tincture or tea afterward. It also decreases the negative effect red meat has on the body.

If a meal is oily, use Fennel & Celery to prevent fat absorption in the body. Adding Parsley & Basil to salads will also help in this regard.

The most important point to remember is that you must never feel as if you are on a diet. Pamper your body. Treat yourself. Do not deprive yourself. Everything in moderation!

Exercise regularly & drink 6–8 glasses of water a day.

Do not wait until a specific day. Start eating balanced meals and start living a balanced life as of today.


Klein veranderinge maak ‘n groot verskil.

Niks moet soos ‘n straf voel nie, maar soos versorging.

Onderneem daardie lang, stil staptogte en laat jou vel elke sonstraaltjie absorbeer en geniet.

Haal diep asem.

Gaan vir masserings, saunas of stoombaddens.

Ontspan gereeld in ‘n aromatiese bad – Net die reuk van Peppermint kan mens laat gewig verloor!

Hoe gesonder en skoner die liggaam, hoe minder raak die lus vir ongesonde kos.

Bederf jou liggaam! Dis lekker!

List of specific herbs & remedies aiding in weightloss:

Fennel Seed, Celery Seed & Nettle Tinctures or Tea

Detox Remedy (Dandelion Root & Burdock Root Tincture)

Aloe Ferox Appetite Control and Bitter Tablets or Capsules

Aloe Juice

Green Tea, especially Oolong tea

Basil & Parsley Tea

Rhubarb Root & Bedstraw Tincture for lymph drainage specifically

Chaste Tree Berries to regulate hormone activity

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