Preparation & Use of Tinctures

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Tinctures are prepared by soaking ground herbs (each one separately) in alcohol (I use Cane) and shaking daily for a period of 14 days.

I prepare them in a 1:5 ratio (herb:cane) when using dried herbs, and a 1:3 ratio when using fresh herbs.

After two weeks, each tincture is extracted through a wine press lined with muslin cloth.

Tinctures are filtered twice, combined (if need be), bottled and labelled in amber dropper bottles.

The active plant constituents (active ingredients) of the herbs dissolve in the alcohol, giving tinctures a stronger and faster action than infusions, decoctions and capsules.

Herbal tinctures are potent remedies.

It is therefore important to consult with a trained herbalist before commencing with treatment, in order to establish which herbs to use in combination for a certain ailment, as well as to establish dosage.

Indication of dosage:

Babies under 6 months: Best not to use herbal remedies, but it is still much better than to use conventional medicine

6-12 months: 2-4 drops of each Tincture 1-3 times a day

1-6 years: 10-15 drops of each Tincture 1-3 times a day

7-12 years: 15-20 drops of each Tincture 1-3 times a day

Adults: 30-35 drops of each Tincture 1-3 times a day

Over 65 years: 25 drops of each Tincture 1-3 times a day

Important to note:

* Some tinctures are potent remedies and should be given in lower dosages, for instance, Wormwood & Comfrey.

* Try not to combine more than 4/5 tinctures in a single dosage. Rather use combinations alternately a few hours apart.

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