Karen se Kruie is a herbal practice that specialises in counseling in medicinal, culinary, aromatic & cosmetic use of herbs in different forms. Karen se Kruie offers a wide range of quality herbal products, as well as support systems and advice on healthy living. Karen se Kruie also advises on the importance of well-balanced diets, in order to improve and maintain general health.

Herbalism is not about propagating a magic cure, but rather about suggesting a way of life in which health; resistance to illness and quality of living, can be improved.


* Gives sound, relevant and intellectual advice on medicinal use of herbs in different forms

* Supplies quality herbal & related products for all ages

* Provides a support system for clients interested in long-term use of herbs to treat various ailments and enhance general health and well-being

* Advises on aromatic, cosmetic, medicinal & culinary use of herbs

* Consults informally free of charge (by appointment only)



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