Tea Tree Essential Oil (Organic)


10ml Organic Tea Tree Oil


10ml Tea Tree Pure Oil

  • Common name:
    Tea Tree, Ti-Tree, Ti-Trol, Melasol.
  • Botanical (and family):
    Melaleuca alternifolia. Family Myrtaceae
  • Distribution:
  • Description of plant:
    Small tree with needle like leaves and sessile heads of light yellow flowers.
  • Extraction:
    Steam distillation of the leaves.
  • Charactersitics:
    A pale yellowish to water-white mobile liquid of warm-spicy, aromatic-terpenic odour, with camphoraceous, bitter-burnt undertones.
  • Odour effects:
  • Cautions:
    Can cause irritation in certain skin types and certain areas of the skin.
  • Main chemical constituents:
    Alpha-Pinene – 4%
    Beta-Pinene – 1%
    Sabinene – 1%
    Myrcene and Alpha-hellandrene – 2%
    Alpha-Terpinene – 10%
    Limonene – 1%
    1-8-Cineole – 4%
    Terpinene – 20%
    Para-Cymene – 2%
    Terpinolene – 4% \
    Alpha-Dimethyl styrene – trace
    Sabinene hydrate – trace
    trans-menth-2-ene – 1%
    Beta-Caryophyllene – 2%
    Aromadendrene – 2%
    Terpinene-4-ol – 35%
    Alpha-Terpineol – 3%
    Cadinene – 2%
    Globulol – 1%
    Viridiflorol – 3%
    Viridiflorene – 2%
  • Properties and indications:
    Refreshing and revitalizing.
    Activates white corpuscles against infection. Ti-Tree combines anti-bacterial, anti-viral and potent anti-fungal properties. It sweats toxins out of the body. Indicated for influenza, cold sores, catarrh, and possibly glandular fever and gingivitis. Is of value in treating vaginal thrush and genital infections generally. Alleviates cystitis. Alleviates itching from chickenpox and insect bites. Useful for mouth ulcers and sweaty feet. Helps with asthma, TB, haemorrhoids and varicose veins.
    Reduces pus in boils and carbuncles. Seems to clear spots caused by shingles. Useful for burns, ringworm, warts, herpes and athletes foot. Helpful with dry scalp and dandruff.
  • Other uses:
    Soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, disinfectants, gargles, aftershaves.
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