Liquorice Tincture


50ml Liquorice Root Tincture

Powerful Expectorant helping to ease asthma, coughs & bronchitis

Soothes gastritis, mouth ulcers, peptic ulceration & excessive acid problems

Gently laxative

Relieves arthritis



• Anti-inflammatory

• Expectorant – Increases lungs phlegm production, to make it easier to cough up

• Pectoral – Relieves chest problems

• Demulcent – Provides relief to damaged internal tissues

• Mild laxative – Induces bowel movement

• Tonic properties – Improves the functions of the body

• Alterative – Gently improves the condition of the body

• Highly nutritive

• Anti-spasmodic – Relaxes the nerves & reduces muscular contraction

• Rejuvenative

• Sedative – Relaxes the nervous system


• Good for coughs & other chest complaints, as well as asthma

• Helps with sore throats

• Helps gastritis & constipation

• Soothes bronchitis & chest infections

• Relieves arthritis

• Soothes inflammatory conditions of the digestive system, such as mouth ulcers, gastritis, peptic ulceration & excessive acid problems

• Effective in treating cirrhosis & chronic hepatitis

• Reduces breakdown of steroids by the liver & kidneys

• Stimulates adrenal glands, helping in Addison’s disease, where adrenal glands cease to function normally

• May safely be taken by diabetics

• Prevents thirst

• Relieves abdominal pain

• Nourishes the brain, increasing cranial & cerebrospinal fluid

• Improves complexion, hair & vision


• Gentle laxative combined with Dandelion or Yellow Dock


• Do not take if anaemic, pregnant or if blood pressure is alleviated

• Avoid if the patient has hypertension or kidney disease

• May interfere with calcium & potassium absorption – do not take if suffering from osteoporosis


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