Passion Flower Tincture


50 ml Passion Flower Tincture

Gentle sedative

Anxiety in children

Anxiety in childbirth & menopause

Effective for viral infections of the nerves, such as shingles

Treats muscle cramps

Kills bacteria

Relieves & reduces pain


Passion Flower Tincture


Nervine – Calming effect on nerves, relieving anxiety

Hypnotic – Encourages sleep

Anti-spasmodic – relaxes nerves & reduces muscular contraction

Anodyne – Helps relieve or reduce pain


Sedative – Relaxes the nervous system



Diaphoretic – Encourages sweating



Depressant effect on CNS activity

Gentle sedative & soothing properties – Produces a soothing, relaxing effect, reducing nervous anxiety, panic, tension & irritability

Anxiety/restlessness in children

Treats anxiety during menses, childbirth & menopause

Reduces high blood pressure

Good for treatment of diarrhoea – GI Spasms

For insomnia – no narcotic hangover

Used where anti-spasmodic is needed – Parkinson’s disease, Seizures & Hysteria

Effective in nerve pain such as neuralgia

Narcotic properties – Useful in Neuralgia

Effective for viral infection of the nerves called shingles

Used in asthma where much spasmodic activity

Used to treat muscle cramps

Epilepsy & Convulsions

Valuable pain-killing properties – toothache, period pain & headaches (especially due to stress)

Helps to end addiction to tranquillizers

Compress – For swollen eyes; burns & skin irritation

It kills bacteria – Ideal for treating eye problems due to inflammation & infection

Poultice / Juice – Burns & wounds

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