Wormwood Tincture


50ml Wormwood Tincture

Treats sore throat, colds, flu & coughs

Excellent for earache & ear infection

Eases pain & fever

Prevention and treatment of Malaria


Wormwood Tincture / Wilde als Tinktuur / Artemisia afra

Treats Earache & ear infection

Stimulates digestion

Eases stomach aches

Useful in treatment of anaemia

Eases pain & fever

Treats sore throat, colds, flu & coughs

Treats jaundice

Prevention and treatment of Malaria

Caution: Potent Remedy

Dosage of Wormwood Tincture

Adult dosage of 20 drops 3 times/day up to 4 days

20 drops of Wormwood tincture once a day for adults as a preventative remedy.

ARTEMISIA AFRA (Wildeals/Wormwood) & ARTEMISIA ANNUA (Chinese Wormwood/Sweet Annie)

Artemisia afra

▪︎Wilde als word al vir eeue deur die inheemse bevolking van Suider Afrika gebruik vir medisinale doeleindes”
▪︎Wilde als het ‘n antiseptiese, antiwurm en narkotiese werking en word gebruik om pyn en koors, wurms, hardlywigheid, hoes, keelseer, griep en geelsug te behandel.”
(ROBERTS, MARGARET. 2000. Alles oor Kruie. Struik Uitgewers. Kaapstad.)

“‘Wildeals’ is one of the most widely used traditional medicines in South Africa. Numerous ailments are treated with it – mainly coughs, colds and influenza ¹²³ – but also fever, loss of appetite, colic, headache, earache, malaria and intestinal worms, amongst others²³⁴⁵.”
(VAN WYK, B.,VAN OUTSHOORN, B. & GERICKE, N. 2009. Medicinal Plants of South Africa. Briza publications. Pretoria.)

Qing Hao, Artemisia annua, Chinese Wormwood

“Research has now vindicated this traditional use, revealing that qing hao prevents and cures malaria and is relatively free from side effects.”
▪︎Chinese research Qing hau was extensively researched in China in the 1980s, and studies have demonstrated that its key active constituent is an effective antimalarial, having a powerful action against the malaria parasite Plasmodium, a protozoon introduced into the body by the mosquito.
▪︎Artemisinin The compound artemisinin, and to some extend the herb, has marked antiparasitic and antibacterial activity. Clinical trials show that it can provide vital treatment in the acute stages of malaria, proving up to 90% effective in countering the infection.”
“The firts mention of qing quo was in Chinese text of 168 BC.”
(CHEVALLIER, A. FNIMH. 2000. Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine. Dorling Kindersley. United States.)

I (Karen) have also used Wormwood effectively in treatment and prevention of colds, flu, sore throat, ear infections, etc. since my business opened in 2006.


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