Preparing Marigold Ointment

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Preparing your own Marigold Ointment is definitely advised. It gives so much satisfaction. 

Marigold ointment is a very effective remedy, which I recommend for many applications, including the following:

Fungal infections; eczema & acne

Nappy rash & cradle cap

Cuts & Wounds

Bruises, strains & sprains

Minor burns & scalding

Sore & tender nipples during breastfeeding

Insect bites & stings

I need to have the following ready:

Clean surface and work area

Clean rubber gloves

500g Emulsifying Ointment

60g Ground Dried Marigold Flowers

Double boiler

Two warming trays

Two bowls

Muslin cloth


Oil filter

Sterilised glass containers with tight sealing lids


The method I use in preparation of the ointment is:

Melt the Emulsifying ointment in the double boiler. Add the ground Marigold Flowers and stir until well mixed.

Cover with lid and heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Heat the two bowls on the warming trays. This is important because the ointment solidifies very quickly after being removed from the heat. Therefore it is very important to work quickly.

Line the first bowl with a large piece of muslin cloth.

After 20 minutes, take the liquid mixture off the heat. Pour into the first bowl and strain using the muslin cloth.

Now filter the strained ointment using the funnel (lined with the oil filter) into the second bowl.

Pour the liquid ointment into glass containers.

Wait until cooled, then seal containers tightly with lids. The ointment should have solidified.

Label each container.

Store away from direct sunlight.

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