Comfrey Tincture


50 ml Comfrey Tincture

Contains Allantoin a cell proliferate helping to repair damaged tissue

Significantly anti-inflammatory

Amazing ability to heal bruises, sprains, fractures & broken bones

Soothes stiff & aching joints

Treats acne & boils

Reliefs psoriasis

Treats fungal infections

Do not use internally

Highly Toxic to the liver

Dilute with water & apply EXTERNALLY


Comfrey Tincture

My Comfrey Tincture are prepared from the Leaves of the Comfrey plant.

Properties of Comfrey

  • Expectorant – Expels mucous from lungs & throat
  • Demulcent – Provides relief to damaged internal tissue
  • Mild Astringent – Produces tissue contraction
  • Anodyne – Helps relieve or reduce pain
  • Emollient
  • Haemostatic – Slow down bleeding & can stop Hemorrhaging
  • Refrigerant – Relieves thirst & creates a cooling effect
  • Vulnerary – Used for toning & healing the muscular & skeletal system


  • Healing & pain relieving properties
  • Lotion of cooled tea – Helps to heal wounds, bed sores, grazes, rashes, infected bites, stings & scrapes
  • Contains an allantoin – Cell proliferator that repairs damaged tissue & bone
  • Tea helps ease bruises, sprains, boils, fractures, torn ligaments, aching arthritic joints, gout, pneumonia, productive bronchitis & coughs, rheumatism & fungal skin infection.
  • Drink to take care of digestive & stomach problems & Intestinal troubles, excessive menstrual flow & to stop spitting blood
  • Gentle remedy for diarrhoea & dysentery
  • Demulcent action – employed in lung troubles, quinsy & whooping cough; Root more effective than leaves
  • Cases of internal hemorrhage, from lungs, stomach, bowels or bleeding piles
  • Heals inward hurts, bruises, wounds & ulcers of lungs
  • Sprains, swellings & bruises
  • Severe cuts, Suppuration of boils & abscesses and Gangrenous & ill-conditioned ulcers; Insect bites
  • Soothing pain in any tender, inflamed or suppurating part
  • Any kind of inflammatory swelling
  • Cures fresh wounds or cuts, ruptures & broken bones, gout, eases pained joints, heals running ulcers, gangrenes, etc.
  • Gargle & mouthwash for inflamed throat, hoarseness & bleeding gums
  • Ireland – Eaten as a Cure for defective circulation & poverty of blood

In Short

  • Broken & damaged bones, Fractures
  • Injured tissue & skin
  • Bruises, Sprains, Torn Ligaments & Stiff Joints – reduces inflammation
  • Acne & Boils
  • Scars
  • Bronchitis & Pneumonia
  • Fungal skin infections & Rashes
  • Rheumatism & Arthritis


  • Use only products made from leaves!
  • Use only externally
  • Never use on broken skin
  • Internally for a long time – liver damage & atropine poisoning
  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding
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