Myrrh Tincture


50ml Myrrh Tincture

Helps with catarrh & bronchitis

Used in any infectious, feverish condition, from head colds to glandular fever

Treatment of mouth infections, sore throats & gingivitis

Prevents tooth decay & gum disease

Prevents internal blood clotting

Toning & healing to the muscular & skeletal system


Properties of Myrrh Tincture

• Tonic – Improves the functions of the body

• Antiseptic

• Anti-bacterial

• Anti-viral

• Anti-fungal

• Anti-inflammatory

• Anti-microbial – Pesters the micro-organisms that have invaded the body

• Stimulant – Increases energy

• Anti-spasmodic – Relaxes the nerves & reduces muscular contraction

• Astringent – Produces tissue contraction

• Expectorant – Encourages lungs’ phlegm production, making it easier to cough up

• Carminative – Aids expulsion of gas from stomach & prevents development thereof

• Anti-catarrhal

• Vulnerary – Used for toning & healing the muscular & skeletal system

• Alterative – Gently improves condition of the body

• Analgesic – Helps to relieve or reduce pain

• Emmenagogue – Promotes greater menstrual discharge

• Rejuvenative


• Helps with catarrh

• Useful for dyspepsia

• One of the most effective remedies in the world for: Sore throats, mouth ulcers & gingivitis – Specific use in the treatment of infections of the mouth, such as mouth ulcers, gingivitis, pyorrhea

• Aid to repel tooth decay & gum disease

• Emotionally strengthening & empowering

• It stimulates the production of white blood corpuscles (with their anti-pathogenic actions)

• Useful in catarrhal problems of pharyngitis & sinusitis – Relieves bronchitis & catarrh

• May help with laryngitis & respiratory complaints

• Used for any infectious, feverish condition, from head colds to glandular fever

• Externally – Healing & antiseptic for wounds & abrasions; Treats acne & skin inflammations; Massage oil as chest rub to alleviate bronchitis & colds accompanied by thick phlegm

• May help prevent heart disease

• Indian studies – May help in reducing cholesterol

• Prevents internal blood clotting


• Combines well with Echinacea for infections & respiratory complaints, as well as a common cold


• Do not use during pregnancy – Stimulates the uterus


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